Overhead lines Insulators, Hallow insulators for use in electrical equipment,  Post insulators, Transformer bushing insulators.

Transformer Bushing Insulators

Construction is performed in conformance to DIN, BS and ANSI standards. They comprise the following groups of insulators: 1 - 3 kV 250 - 7000 A 10 - 30 kV 250 - 4500 A 45 kV 1000 - 3150 A 24 - 36 kV 5000 - 8000 A 24 - 36 kV 12500 - 25000...

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Post Insulators

Post insulators for apparatuses and plants in conformance to IEC 273 to the voltage level of 420 kV. In this group of insulators, there is a wide range of products concerning voltage levels, strength and creepage distances. Construction is performed in conformance to IEC -273 and IEC - 815 or according to the customer's request. Voltage level range is 12-420 kV. insulators to 145 kV, wit...

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Hollow insulators for high voltage devices

Insulators for Instrument Transformers They are produced for voltage levels of 24 - 420 kV. Shed profiles are normal or alternative in 7 different performances. Insulator endings are manufactured in 7 different performances depending on assembling. Maximal insulator lenght is 2 m (one piece) and maximal diametar is Ø 600 mm. Manufacturing material is mass C-110 and C-120 Insulators fo...

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Production of Insulators

Preparation of raw material and production of mass In the factory three types of porcelain masses are being made in compliance with C-120, DIN, KER 110.1, KER 110.2. For the production of above mentioned masses both domestic (quartz sand, feld and clay) and imported ( feld, clay, kaolin and alumina ) raw materials are used. Quartz sand, feld and clay are domestic and feld, clay, kaolin and...

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