Flat Wall Tanks For Power Transformers

TANKS, COVERS AND CONSERVATORS FOR POWER TRANSFORMERS, We can supply you transformer tanks, Projects and designs of metallic tanks for power transformers are initially studied thoroughly by the technical department to identify and ensure that all component parts and raw materials purchased meet quality characteristics that require our customers. All Welding Workers certified by int...

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Corrugated Wall Transformer Tanks

Corrugulated Wall Transformer Tanks , Conservators for Distribution Transformers. All tanks for distribution transformers, covers and conservators are manufactured in accordance with the designs provided by customer. International welding standards followed in production by accredited welders. We use different painting methods and procedures: inmersion, flow-coating, airless, dust pa...

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Transformer Tank Accessories


Termometer Pocket

Oil drain valves



Earthing boss

Blind Flanges

Square Flanges with O-ring Groove

Flanges with Oring Groove 


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Cable Boxes for Tranformers

Cable boxes

Depending on the age of the customer design or powder coated, hot dipped galvanized , galvanized or stainless ST37 as a cable box when requested renovation in preparation for production design with cutting and drilling axis machines is done in

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Grounding ( Earthing ) Terminal

M4 - M6 - M8 - M10 - M12 - M16 - M20 thereaded stainless steel SS316 grounding terminals according to customer drawings. 

M6x Ø16 H=12mm
M10x Ø20  H=15mm
M12x Ø25  H=25mm
M12x Ø30  H=25mm
​M20x Ø45  H=26mm

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Transformer Flanges

Transformer Flanges for transformer tanks and valves, fittings. 

Round or Square flanges in required dimensions, with or without Oring grooves.

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Flange for air dehumidifiers

Flange for welding

GTW - S38 TUN 900012


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