Stainless Throttle Valve

Our Throttle valve has completely produced by stainless steel materials. It has very good performance for environmentally hard conditions and areas.   The butterfly valves (standard execution) may be used with the following characteristic values: · Fluid: mineral oil · operating pressure max 10 bar · working temperature from 20°C to + 110°C The valve...

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Air Breather

The aim of this device is absorbing the humidity air that the transformer sucks during the thermal contraction of the liquid in order to guarantee a better dielectric capacitance. Moisture Holder - Breather DIN42567 and DIN42562 with or without silica gel Remove all moisture from theair which flows through into the conservatore transformer is cooling down.   Casted aluminium bo...

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Oil Drain Device DIN 42551 - NW22/ NW31/ NW40

The oil draining device is to be welded into the transformer case. The oil drain device remains tight even if the oil temperature rises to 100° C (Temparature Resistance: up to 100° C). Device is to be used for draining the transformer case for regeneration purpose of the oil. We can manufacture oil drain device DIN42551 acc. to customers specifications; Stop plugs: can be Stainle...

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Screwed Ball Valve Stainless

Screwd ball valve is usable for connections and oil drains, it is lockable and copmpletely stainless steel SS316 quality

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Aluminium Throttle Valve DIN 42560 M1

Aluminium Throttle Valve M1 ( with handle ) and M2 ( with hexagonal key blade)  The aluminium die casted valve body, flap and handle. Availible for mounting between flanges (wafer type) of transformer tank and radiator. Absolute Zero leakage when valve is closed. Material of sealing O-rings can be NBR - HNBR - VITON or FVMQ. Both model can be locked easily. The valve can be ...

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Welding Neck Throttle Valve

DIN 42560 Welding Neck NW80 Throttle Valve

forged Steel S3555J2G3

Metal to Metal sealing
Lockable handle
Available for O-ring usage at flange side, Seat for Oring.
Viton Gasket sealing resistant at handle part.

M16x101 bolts from St37 or AISI 316

Available on stock.

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Transformer Ball Valve

Transformer Valves - Ball Valves - Lockable At same dimensions we have  Steel 1.0619 /  Stainless Steel 1.4408 (SS316) / Brass and Bronze Body Valves, specially produced for transformer dimensions and stop leakage problems , resistant to mineral oils. Our Ball valve is Lockable  and has flat surface at flange areas, So you can use easily for Orings. 2pc body for short Fa...

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Explosion panel for transformer

ARES explosion panels are designed to open at pre-determined burst pressures to protect against the severity of explosions within silos and bucket elevators. Available with or without aframe for maximum flexibility.   Available in stainless steel as standard with a cross linked fluoropolymer , the Panel is manufactured with advanced laser cutting technology   Materials ...

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Bronze/Brass Gate Valve

Flanged Gate Valves,
PN16 nominal pressure,
DIN EN 12288
Body and all parts made of brass
with maintenance-free gland packing (PTFE)
and non rising stem,
flanged connection acc. to DIN EN 1092-1
Ms 58 or RG 5 Bronze (red brass)

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DIN 42554 Thermometer Case

The thermometer case is designed to be welded in the top of oil immersed transformers. The case is manufactured out of one metal-piece with DIN 42554 standarts. This guaranties absolute oil-tightness. The top cap is galvanized zinc ,  cap can be produced stainless steel too. Gasket is Klingerit...

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DIN 42558 Locking Pieces

For the radiators , closing piece for drain, (not with flattened shank screws) for the discharge of oil from pipes or radiators used.

About the closing piece for ventilation (flattened shank screws) may be in the drain portion of air space occur and the refilling with oil, air can escape.

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Nitrogen Blanketing Systems

ARES Constant Pressure System with Nitrogen for transformer tanks   Nitrogen Blanketing Systems - Oil Preservation Box- N2 Gas Equipment A transformer during operation is subjected to changes in temperature caused either by the transformer's operation itself or atmospheric conditions. Temperature changes have direct effects on pressures inside the transformer tank. Negative press...

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Prismatic Oil Level Indicator

They give an optic indication of the oil level inside a transformer tank or inside a conservator. The Stainless steel frame must be bolted to the wall of an hermatic transformer or to the end of a conservator of a conventional transformer.   we use plexglass as transparent window. One of the world’s best-known brands of plastic is Plexiglas®. Often you will hear Ple...

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Bushing Flags DIN 43675

Transformer Bushing Flags Acc. to DIN 43675 Materials: Brass (CuZn40Pb2) or Electrolytic Copper Flag, Forging or Casting methods Special Design of Flags can be produced for you, silver plated or tin plated contact surfaces are possible, Special Custom Flags and Terminal Connectors For DIN 42530, DIN 42531 , DIN 42532 , DIN 42533 , DIN 42534 , DIN 42539 . We can supply you as spare parts a...

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Expansion Flexible Joint

Expansion Flexible Joint , Metal Bellow.

we can prepare special flange and lenght of expansions between two flanges for bellow.

Completely stainless steel or Steel painted,

round or square flanges,

with Oring groove.

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Buchholz Throttle Valve

These valves,  you can use for short distance required areas and different material options are possible. We can produce from Stainless Steel, Steel, or Aluminium bodies. Right now, we have only DN25-DN50-DN80 sizes which is most common. According to your connection sizes we can design the connection holes. For Flange connections, we use O-rings. They can be required materials such as...

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Oil Level Indicators

Vertical Oil Level Indicator R1" and R1 1/4" For hermatically sealed transformers, the brass body screwed to the tank , highly visible red indicator for oil level, max and min levels. You can see the oil leaks easily. With real nitrophyl float , Oring or flat gasket, tin or zinc plated body. Magnetic Oil Level Indicator DIN 42569 A The radial movement of the nitrophyl float move...

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Pressure Safety Valve

Pressure Safety Valve R1"
Pressure Safety Valve R1,5"
Pressure Safety Valve R2"

With Oring or Flat Gasket.

Different gasket materials provided for different conditions.
From 0,20 bar to 0,75 bar pressure set

Protection Cap black or red color.


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Magnetic shields, shunts

MAGNETIC FLUX SHIELDS FOR TRANSFORMER TANKS                                                          ...

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Power Transformer Wheels

Power transformer wheels, RAL 7003 -RAL9006 painted or Hot dip galvanized. One wheel or double wheel with rail models. 10 tonnes capacity 15 tonnes capacity 20 tonnes capacity 25 tonnes capacity 30 tonnes capacity 40 tonnes capacity 50 tonnes capacity 70 tonnes capacity 90 tonnes capacity...

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DIN42561 Transformer Wheels

Distribution Transformer Wheels accoding to DIN42561. also special design wheels are possible with braking, extra bolts and nuts. Diameters : Ø125 - Ø160 - Ø200 Wheel Housing : Steel (St-37)   Wheel: Cast Iron (GG-20)   Axle: St-37 or Stainless Steel   Nuts and bolts:  Steel or Stainless Steel   Surface o...

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Terminal Box for CT

Aluminum terminal box with resin insulated copper terminal bolts for easy connection.

Sealing supplied by Orings at transformer cover.

8 connector model  ( bigger model )

6 connector model ( little model )

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Cap for shielding

Caps for shielding.



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Flexible Braided Hose

Flexible Braided Hose Flanged, for protection and zero oil leakage, easy connection. 

Stainless steel 

PN6 - PN10 - PN16 flanges

O-ring grooves possible.

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Cable Lugs

Compression Type Cable Lugs DIN 46235 Type SKP Compression Type Cable Lugs 45° Angled Compression Type Cable Lugs Angled Compression Type Cable Lugs Standard Type Butt-connector DIN Norm Aluminium Compression Type Cable Lugs DIN NORM Bimetal (CU/AL) Cable Lugs Material   :           Copper (E-Cu) Tin Plated, E...

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Cable Connectors

cable connectors , tin palted or without, accourding to customer drawing or our standards.

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Copper and Aluminium Busbars

Copper - Aluminium Busbars,

Bended Busbars

Punching Busbars 

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Copper Clad Aluminium Busbar

Copper Clad Aluminium Busbar and Wires,  can replace the pure copper busbar and reduce the production cost. It can be used in transformer, load distribution panel, gauge board, bus-room, HV distribution, electric cabinet, high/low voltage power controlling cabinet, power switch cabinet, special transformer, down-lead busbar, busduct, generator, welding machine, etc. Advantages: ...

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Flexible Press Welded Connectors

Flexible Press Welded Connectors and Flexible Braided Connectors.

With tin plated or without tin plated.

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Anti Vibration Pad

Antivibration pads between Radiators and Transformer tanks, Natural Nitril Rubber and Hot dip galvanized steel with connection holes to tank

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Disc type check valve

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PTFE - Teflon Parts

Teflon® PTFE Parts PTFE Compression Molding & CNC Machined Components   High Performance, High Quality Engineered Plastic Components Compression molded Teflon ® PTFE & custom CNC machined plastic parts are our specialties. Our policy is to deliver high quality precision machined plastic components, custom made to order, at the lowest cost and on time.   ...

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DIN 42560 Form B

DIN42560 Form B Throttle Valve 

Forged Steel S3555J2G3

Metal to Metal sealing

Lockable handle and Protective Cap

Available for O-ring usage at both side,

Seat for Oring.

Viton Gasket sealing resistant at handle part.

M16x101 bolts from St37 or AISI 316

Available on stock.

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Terminal Box

Terminal box for current transformers cable connections.

Aluminium body,

model 1 - 6 connectors.
model 2 - 12 connectors.

Sealing %100 by O-rings in different materials NBR, VITON, FVMQ.

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Circular Slitter

Specializes in manufacturing all kinds of cutting tools, including slitting knives , slitting blades, shearing blades, wear-resistant furnace sliders,c utting blades, rollers,etc  Blade; Maximum length of 5800mm and maximum diameter of 1500mm Materials;  5CrW2Si, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, 9CrSi, H13 and self-developed H13k, HMB and HMK high various alloy steel    Operatinal P...

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