Transformer Axial Fans

Ares Trafo provides optimal solutions for air forced cooling of transformers. High performance axial fans are designed to dissipate heat generated by transformer losses while complying with the market requirements and assure fail-safe operations in power and distribution transformers.

Standards : IEC 60034-1 , IEC 60335-2: 80 , ISO 5801

We have sizes for Ø450mm - Ø500mm  - Ø630mm -Ø800mm -Ø1000mm -Ø1250mm

50Hz / 60 Hz possible.

Motor protection class : IP55 - IP56- IP65 - IP 66

Wings materials :Reinforced polyamid or Aluminium

Grill and Casing : Painted in RAL 7030 , 7032 - Electro zinc plated or Hot Dip galvanized,
For special projects we can do completly stainless steel.

Temperature change: -25C / +60C ,  -25C / +70C , -40C / +60C , -40C / +70C

Temperature Protectin with Thermic is possible.

All Fasteners Stainless steel.