Stainless Throttle Valve

Our Throttle valve has completely produced by stainless steel materials. It has very good performance for environmentally hard conditions and areas.


The butterfly valves (standard execution) may be used with the following characteristic values:

· Fluid: mineral oil
· operating pressure max 10 bar
· working temperature from 20°C to + 110°C

The valve is supplied with  two O/Ring flange gasket


Butterfly valves are constructed as follows (please refer to drawings):
· Body made in stainless steel SS316
· Spindle made in SS316
· Drive and gland made SS316
· Open/close position indicated by an aluminium plate.
· Stainless steel screws
· Throttle made in SS316
· O/Rings made in oil resistant rubber material options are NBR /Viton /FVMQ