Magnetic shields, shunts

MAGNETIC FLUX SHIELDS FOR TRANSFORMER TANKS                                                                    

Flux collectors are parts of the Power Transformers which are designed to lower power loses in high power transformers.
They act as shielding which reflect the electrical flux leakages coming from the bobbins that are wound to the cores, under high power.

We can supply flux collectors with/without rubber in painted or bare form for power transformers in any size what your project needs.


Specification of Tanks Shunts / Flux Collector

  • Tank shunt is custom made product.
  • We offer weldable & boltable type of tank shunts.
  • Length – 100 mm to 4300 mm
  • Width – 50 mm to 400 mm
  • Thickness – 15 mm to 80 mm
  • We offer rubber on tank wall side to eliminate noise at higher working voltage. Rubber acts as buffer between tank wall & shunt.
  • Shunt frame facing winding of transformer is rounder / chamfered to avoid sharp edges on winding side. This will eliminate chances of winding / insulation damage during production.