Transformer Ball Valve

Transformer Valves - Ball Valves - Lockable

At same dimensions we have  Steel 1.0619 /  Stainless Steel 1.4408 (SS316) / Brass and Bronze Body Valves, specially produced for transformer dimensions and stop leakage problems , resistant to mineral oils.

Our Ball valve is Lockable  and has flat surface at flange areas, So you can use easily for Orings.

  • 2pc body for short Face to Face distance.
  • Available for O-ring usage at flange side.
  • PTFE sealing resistant to Mineral oils.
  • Special valves according to customers specification valves can be done.
  • Steel or Stainless Steel valves can be painted as any RAL color for customer choice.

DN25-DN40-DN50-DN80-DN100 available on stock.