HV Insulation Components

For power , distribution and special transformer's insulating system components on the basis of Transformer board (Pressboard & Press paper) and Transformer wood (Laminated Compressed Wood) and special insulation papers.  Special forming and pressing procedures are employed in the manufacturing technique of the pressboard components.

• Cylinders
• Shield rings
• T-strips

• Spacer Rings  According to IEC 60641 - 1 Type B 3.1
These insulation assemblied made of sheets of insulation material, with spacers to channel the oil flow and as dielectric barriers at the ends of windings in axial long oil gaps. They also contribute in clamping of the winding by clampingrings.

• Clamping Plates and Rings

• Block washers
• Rectangular strips
Angle rings According to IEC 60641 - 1 Type B 4.1
The use of angle rings and caps of TRANSFORMERBOARD relieves the electrical stress on adjacent oil channels and increases the partial discharge inception voltage. They are dimensionally stable and thus can be quickly and safely installed as a 360° component. The radii can be chosen so that they correspond as closely as possible to the electric field pattern

• Radial spacers
• Caps
• Pressure rings
• Snouts
• Helical endings
• Barrier cylinders
• Edge protection angle rings + caps
• Strips
• Blocks
• Wrappings
• Crossover insulation
• Oil guiding segments
• Clack band

• Distribution transformer insulation parts